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In a world of deserts and bandits, one man in a red coat's goal
is to bring his beliefs of "Love and Peace" to one city at a time.
This man...is Vash the Stampede!

Welcome to Ricki's Trigun Planet! Since 2003 this crazy Trigun lover and her friends developed this site and I keep it around for retro reasons - 20 years and counting! This site housed what used to be the newest information about Trigun, some of the old classics, and also information about the creator Nightow, about the anime and manga series, fanfiction & art from fans, and an extensive library of fun facts.

Now we have Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and so much more to share our fandom, but because it was handwritten HTML I keep it around cuz it's cheap to host and once in awhile we get new Trigun stuff to share.

Click the links below to take a journey back into websites of yesteryear and to view some of what Trigun fans like yourself could only get your hands on HERE! ;-)

Trigun Stampede

Trigun Updates, Otaku Ramblings and Cool Information 06/18/2023


Definitive Trigun Anime Episode Guide

Top 92 Reasons You Know You Like Trigun Too Much When...


Guides to the Trigun Anime & Manga

Trigun: Badlands Rumble Movie Information! - (Updated: 09/24/10) Movie Updates!
Young King Ours Trigun Maximum Translations & Chapter Guide [Completed in '08]
Kekkai Sensen (Blood World War) - Original Concept Chapter(raw)
Trigun & Trigun Maximum Cover List (new!)
Definitive Trigun Maximum YKO Cover Guide
Trigun Anime VS Trigun Maximum Manga [spoilers] (updated 1/31/11!)
Anime Central 2007 Yasuhiro Nightow Interview

Trigun Art, Images and Gifts

Ricki's Trigun Fan-atic Art 10/06/06
Susan's Fan-tastic Art Website 04/30/09
Guest Fan Art 07/09/09

Trigun Anime Screencaps

Trigun Maximum Colored Scans and Backgrounds 04/11 [guest artists!]

Trigun Fanfiction

Dark Convergence
An Ongoing Dark Vash AU
[Ch. 1-30 Updated: 09/10]
By Ricki & Susan
"Dark Convergence" (link to ff.net)
Dark Convergence Fan Art [06/28/06]

Gunsmoke & Feathers -
Milly and Meryl AU
[Completed Series]
By Ricki, Susan & Catherine

Angel Arm Diaries -
Young Knives & Vash Trilogy
[Completed Series]
By Ricki
"Meeting Mom" - By Dwellin
"Milly to the Rescue" - By Dwellin
"And Feathers All Around" - By Dwellin
"Crossroads" - By Ricki & Dwellin
"Lost Childhood" - By Ricki
"Glass Globes" - By Ricki
"Best Laid Plans" - By Ricki
"Into the Future" - By Ricki, Susan, & Catherine

"Free Like Them"
"Finding Home"
(link to ff.net)
"Fermentation" (link to ff.net)

Short Stories
By Ricki
"Sureshot Lin"

Guest Fan Fiction [05/10/06] Stories include: Sailor Lilith-chan's "Plants in the City", Azalea's "Trigun: A Point of View Trilogy, Dragon Lord's "Pain Reality", Tony-kun's "Echo".

Dwellin's Blackfire &Gunsmoke Fanfiction / Trigun Art Gallery
The "unofficial" sequel to deleria's "Double Helix" - art gallery includes fan extras and drawings inspired by the story!

That Girl Don't Think Right [9/06/05] A Collection of Milly Inspired Short-Stories.

Other Cool Conventions, Anime & Random Stuff

Anime Central 2005 - Pictures, comics and ramblings!
MillyThompson@Fanfiction.net - I post my newest stories here!


Much of the Artwork on this website is drawn by the respected artists on this site,
please do not copy anything here without their permission!
Others are copyrighted by Yasuhiro Nightow, Shonengahosha, and Madhouse/Pioneer/Geneon Entertainment,
I don't claim their artwork as my own, I am merely borrowing from the masters!
Drop me a line if you'd like to borrow anything here - I'm always willing to share if you ask!

Please E-mail me for any information... Ricki

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All of the links that USED to be here were expired and long gone, just do a Google search now to find the sites you are after.

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